Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic AntibodiesTherapeutic monoclonal antibodies

​Calypso Biotech has chosen to use the best proven technologies for its product platform: humanized and fully human monoclonal antibodies.

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies use nature’s design of stable and exquisitely specific immunoglobulin molecules to target molecules of interest. Depending on the desired therapeutic outcome, biological properties are engineered into monoclonal antibody candidates to ensure optimal clinical efficacy with minimum undesirable side effects.

Engineering methods are also used to “humanize” antibodies and optimize their circulating half-life to control duration of therapeutic efficacy, frequency and route of administration.

Today, monoclonal antibodies account for a third of all new treatments. With 28 drugs currently approved in the US and Europe, fully human or humanized monoclonal antibodies represent one of the most reliable and robust technologies, while new scaffolds are emerging to address specific technical needs.

Successful therapeutic antibodies range from mega-blockbusters such as anti-TNF Humira® to targeted therapies for ultra-rare diseases such as complement inhibiting Soliris®.